Best Wireless Solar Phone Chargers With Battery Review 2021

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Portable chargers for phone have become a popular item recently due to their reasonable price and the convenience that they offer. Some of the best solar phone chargers these days do come with fast bi-directional USB-C port and Qi wireless charging capability. Since there are many solar-powered phone charger options and a diverse range of prices, careful research is necessary.

Portable solar charger products are great for any outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and  fishing trip. With a QC 3.0 power charger, you can charge any of your electronic devices from Mac Book Pro to USB-powered heater in your winter camp and whatnot.

On this page, we will discuss the many wireless solar phone charger options that are available, which features you need to be aware of, and how much you should spend at a maximum to get the most out of your purchase. Since there are many options, it’s important to understand how these devices receive their value and what other options you have.

Top 7 Solar Powered Wireless Phone Chargers Comparison

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Best Wireless Solar Phone Chargers Reviews

1. Sendowtek Wireless Solar Charger (25,000mAh)

With the Sendowtek PD, you get a huge capacity power bank that will last quite long. This leaves you with lots of charging power to keep you going for a long time.
I think the best feature of this power bank is the fast charging feature by the use of quick USB charging. You can also charge more than just one device at the same time.

The Qi wireless charging capability of this device is also very fast. It supports fast wireless charging of up to 10W. The wireless charging allows for fewer cables needed to charge your devices.

The casing is made of good-quality materials that make it perfect for outdoor use. This is great if you love to camp or backpack hiking. What I think is a good extra, is the excellent supportive guarantee you get with this device.


2. ORYTO Wireless Solar Charger (26,800mAh)

This is yet another high-capacity wireless power bank for a lot of charging time. With this power bank, you will not need charging for quite some time.

It can automatically change the output current to the device that is currently plugged in. This saves the circuitry of the device by protecting against overcharging.

The power bank support wireless charging for all compatible devices, but there is no support for any fast charging. This is quite a drawback if you consider the large capacity of this power bank.

You have a USB C port on the device to help to charge it at a much faster rate, which is useful for getting the power bank at full capacity much faster. With a strong and durable casing, this power bank is very suitable to be used outside.


3. Feeke Wireless Solar Charger Power Bank (30,000mAh)

The dual input ports that this device supports help to charge supported devices at a much faster rate. The power bank itself can also charge faster with the dual charging capacity.

A very high-capacity battery gives this power bank a very long battery life. This is an especially useful feature for when you are on a camping trip or just going fishing.

Together with the Qi wireless charging capability, you can also charge 2 other devices from the USB ports. That makes it capable of charging 3 devices at the same time.
The casing of this power bank is made from very strong and durable materials to give it quite a long lifespan. This device is waterproof and dust-proof to make it perfect for outdoor use. This device is great for an emergency.


4. BLAVOR Portable Wireless Waterproof USB Charger

The Blavor charger comes with a super-fast charging capability of around 18W by using Quick Charge (QC) 3.0. This helps to charge any smartphone much faster than any standard cellphone charger. With QC capability, you can even charge your Mac Book Pro with this little 18W charger.

The charging bank supports fast Qi wireless charging of up to 10W. You can charge a smartphone easily by pressing the power button and putting your phone on the charging platform.

You have a solar charger at hand for the times you cannot charge your power bank. It may be a bit slow charging but will still come in handy in an emergency.

A few extra features are added to the charging bank. You get a built-in compass with your wireless charger as well as a handy flashlight. For better quality, the power bank comes with a waterproofed casing for a long lifespan.


5. Slols Solar Power Bank (20,000mAh)

With this charging bank, you can combine solar and cable charging. Which I think is one of its best features. And to make it even better, they included a very efficient solar panel.

At a high input current of 600ma an hour, you can charge your device at a much faster rate. For me, this is great, especially if you are out camping and with no way of charging your power bank. The power bank itself has a capacity of 20,000 mAh, which makes it not necessary to charge that regularly.

It also supports Qi wireless charging but has no fast charging capability, and it does not support USB C. This is a bit of a drawback when you need a quick charging for your devices. While you walk, you can charge the power bank by hanging the solar pack outside your backpack.


6. GoerTek Solar Charger (25,000mAh)

With the high capacity of the battery of this power bank, multiple charges of most devices are possible. It supports USB C, which enables the power bank to fully charge in a short time. I think this is great for when you are in a hurry. You also can combine solar and cable charging with this solar power bank.

The GoerTek portable power bank also supports Qi wireless charging, but unfortunately not the fast one. This is not good and may take longer to charge your device fully.

It is a well-designed unit and made shockproof to give you a long durable life on the device. The casing of the power bank is made from high-quality materials that make it waterproof and dustproof as well. You also get a built-in flashlight with 3 modes for different applications.


7. AddAcc Wireless Solar Charger (25,000mAh)

Here you have a high-capacity power bank that gives you a 25000 mAh high-quality battery. This leaves you with a lot of charging time to charge your devices multiple times. You also have 5 solar panels that you can use to charge your power bank much faster. Attach the power bank with the carabiner to your backpack, and you charge on the go.

Added to this device is the Qi wireless charging capability, which gives you a charging option. The USB ports you have on this power bank enable you to charge 3 devices at the same time.

This power bank is waterproof, and you have a built-in flashlight that can be used in 3 different modes.


Best Wireless Solar Chargers Buyer’s Guide

Solar powered chargers come in all shapes and sizes. For example, there are solar backpack with charger options (a solar powered backpack), and those which are small and portable enough to simply be carried in a normal backpack.

Important Features

The most important feature of a solar powered phone charger is that it can be depended on for last-resort charging and power. If you purchase one with minimal power and a high-charging time, you will spend more time charging your charger than actually using it for its purpose. Additionally, with Qi wireless charging capability, you don’t have to mess with your entangled cables as you have with regular chargers.

Having more than one USB port on your solar-powered battery charger will allow you to power more than one device at a time. All of our recommended chargers support up to 4 devices (3 wired + 1 wireless) to be charged simultaneously.

Things To Consider When Buying a Power Bank

Choosing the best charger or power bank requires you to set your budget, decide what type of charger you want (single or mult-fold solar panels), and then choose the features that matter most to you. Typically, it will be priced according to the competition of other manufacturers, the features that it includes, it’s charging speed and the strength and durability of the product itself.

One of the most important if not frustrating things about choosing the best one is there are a slew of them  on the market so making a choice is not going to be an easy one. We suggest you to start by looking for what appears to be the most efficient. A battery charger putting its best power forward will soak up the sun quickly so even if there isn’t a lot of sun it’ll do its intended job.

Pricing is all over the map for seemingly identical products. Answer is, research, research research and do your best to capitalize on your shopping experience with online discounts and free shipping.

Will a Solar Power Bank Work Overnight?

This depends on how much power the solar device receives during the daytime. You might be surprised to know that solar chargers can work in weather where the sun isn’t even visible. As a result, even on the days where the sun isn’t shining brightly, you can still expect to keep your portable electronics powered on. However, on these days you might experience a shortage of power in the wee hours of the night.

If you want to make sure your solar charger for iPhone always has enough power, make sure that you charge it fully before taking it out hiking, camping, fishing, and so on. Since a portable cell phone solar charger will typically last between 6-8 hours, it is likely that you can run out of battery power overnight. If you bring multiple chargers with power bank you can avoid this problem altogether.

Qi Wireless Charging Standard

The wireless power consortium developed the Qi wireless standard for a method of inductive charging over a very short distance. This works by creating an electromagnetic field by a current passing through two coils. You can learn more about Wireless Charging from the video below:


Getting the best wireless solar phone charger means that you need to carefully consider the different features and prices available. Since they can come with a variety of different features and specifications, proper research is required so that you can get the best deal which matches your personal needs.

We recommend you to start by first checking out the Sendowtek 25,000mAh Wireless Solar Charger as it has passed our field test with flying color. If you need something that is a little more affordable, you should first consider the Powobest Solar Power Bank 20,000mAh.

In any case, make sure to get one that matches your budget and has the features that you really need. Until next time, Happy Shopping!


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